God Moves Mountains: Inspirational Kid's Summer Read

The Foolish Crab

During the summer, reading is probably the last thing on a kid's mind. Planning their futures and working towards their goals is out of the question too! SCHOOL'S OUT! Who wants to "waste" their time doing work? Well, here at Heavenly Storybook, we believe in seizing the opportunity to grow in any season! Especially, the Foolish Crab! Read on, in this summer sizzling post to take you through The Foolish Crab:

a moving, crabby tale of dedication and trusting God to build skyscrapers out of your dreams.

About The Foolish Crab

The Foolish Crab is a tale of determination and fighting for your dreams no matter the costs. Revolving around a little, red crab, the story inspires a steadfast spirit amongst children to hold onto their visions and to make them come true. This diligent crab is sure to be the world's most tiny yet hardworking crab you'll ever read about! Although his claws can barely grasp packs of sand, his heart and determination can lift mountains unto the galaxies.

Theme & Scripture

Determination cannot succeed without patience or faith. Patience to seek a dream out and faith to believe it to come to pass. This is where Jesus comes into the story. Too many times we fight for what we want only to become weary in our battles and to give up. The yoke, or load, of a life we think is right for us becomes full of stress and turmoil because it was never truly meant to be. But the yoke of the Lord is easy and light in burden. Anything He desires for us will bloom into a garden of a billion flowers! This is not to say achieving your dreams will be a cupcake walk through candy island. There will be trials and tribulations, but if you truly desire something and Jesus blesses it, there will be nothing that can stop you. "For nothing is impossible with God," Luke 1:37.

Inspiration & Purpose

Inspired by her beautiful and hardworking mother, founder/creator of Heavenly Storybook Diamond found herself compelled to write a book to inspire others. Not only to applaud her mother and to encourage people to never stop chasing after what they love, but to teach others that the desires of their hearts coupled with tons of hard work will be worth it because having a God so powerful on your side is all you need. And having faith in the Lord is already a victory.

If you have a child, teen, or special someone who needs encouragement in their life, consider giving them the gift of The Foolish Crab. Available in PDF format paperback, and hardcover.

Bonus Fun & Content :)

How could I end a post without some cool, summer art?! Take a look at these sandcastles and seashells clip arts inspired (and elaborately crafted) by the Foolish Crab himself!

Sandcastles and Seashells Digital Art

And hey, since it is summer, you and your kiddos might as well be having a good time. & games are always fun! Betta Bounce is available to download on Google Play! A fun, harmless fishing game for kiddies to enjoy.

Available for free on Google Play here

Check out the summer tag blog too for some interesting summer questions to answer with friends, do a YouTube video about, or write a blog on!

20 Question Summer Tag

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