Heavenly Halloween Spookily Leaving Soon!

With Halloween just right around the corner, the bubbly characters of Heavenly Storybook are just about ready to store away their costumes. Surprisingly enough, they're already stuffed with candy and sweets! With the exciting editions of snowmen in Snowfits! (PumpSnow, Spirit Snow, and Count Blizzard) along with the fun pumpkin art editions previously on the site, this Halloween has truly been a spectacular event. Also, Fantasma is super eager to tell you all his story in his eerie tale, Fantasma: The Jittery Ghost! You can check out last year's promo video featuring him here as well.

And please don't be sad over the end of this great, chilling season of Halloween. There's still time to check out the latest scary additions to the site. But just know that Heavenly Storybook will be three times better with the oncoming release of Thanksgiving and Christmas ventures! Stay in tune with all the creative and adorable fun by subscribing to website and following the Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. And most importantly, have a very Heavenly Halloween!!!