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Heavenly Humility

Philippians 2:3 Heavenly Humility

A Life of Servitude

In this verse, Paul encourages us to remain humble. With all the puffed up arrogance floating throughout our skies today, many of us would rather do literally anything else! 😰

But even our mighty king, Jesus, willingly lowered himself as an earthly servant to tend to our spiritual needs. God favors the humble (1 Peter 5:5). 👑

1 Peter 5:5

What does humility look like for you?

Maybe it's holding a door open for a stranger, or maybe it's letting someone vent to you about their awful day (even when yours was terrible too). 🫂

Whatever it looks like to you, humilty will always be about letting others climb up the ladder before yourself. 🪜


Do something this week that challenges you to be vulnerable and humble to someone else! 😊

This could be:

  • Volunteering your time at a local school, organization, church

  • Showing empathy and forgiveness to someone who hurt you in being willing to hear them out

  • Resisting the urge to brag about a new promotion or success in your life to encourage others instead

Happy humbling! 🍁🍂

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