Teachers Pay Teachers: Promoting Literacy

Heavenly Storybook is officially on Teachers Pay Teachers , one of the world's most popular online resource market for educators.

With one of the main goals for HS being dedicated to promoting literacy and education amongst children, all of the files being posted to the personal website as well as Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) will be offered as free or very low costly resources! As a matter of fact, the very first upload is now live on TPT for free!

Uploads are also available to the HS shop with bonus files!

To kick off a great new feature of the site, HS decided to turn things rather...spooky.

Get your spook on year round and delve into some scary, creative stories from students with the help of this Spooky Vocabulary and Scenes packet. This 9 page PDF file contains over 100 descriptive vocabulary words centered upon a spooky theme. No longer will you have to be frightened by the same old overused haunted house stories. With this packet, it's a guarantee kids will chill your bones and have your heart jumping with the scary tales they come up with! Downloadble ZIP folder includes: -40+ descriptive adjectives/verbs -25 creepy place ideas -25 creepy objects ideas -40+ terrifying characters -3 empty templates for students to write short stories on -3 chilling background scenes -7 background PNGs

Available here!

HS owner, Diamond, personally adores Gothic literature and creative writing, so what better topic to start of with than this? Get ready for tons more resources to help educate the youth in a fun, faithful, and wholesome method!

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