Winter Storybook Wonderland: Shiver with the Cold Snowman

Season's greetings!

It truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year here at Heavenly Storybook. There's just something about the snow that gets the creative tinsel flowing. But not everyone is thrilled about the freezing cold...especially the Cold Snowman! Read on to find out about all the frosty, festive things going on at Heavenly Storybook plus an introduction to the latest winter book.

Meet the Cold Snowman

The Cold Snowman follows the silly story of a baby snowman who can't stand being cold! In fact, he dislikes it so much that he desperately tries anything to get warm from drinking a scalding, grande latte to jigging around a toasty fire. Through trial and error, (plus a couple laughs along the way for readers) it takes the Cold Snowman awhile to understand where true warmth comes from. But as his loved ones gather round him in comfort, he soon finds out. This sweet new title is available on Amazon as well as a PDF file!

- Amazon Paperback Book $10

- PDF File $5

Heavenly Storybook Classic: The Poor Snowman

Follow this warm-hearted and uplifting tale about a snowman trying to find acceptance in a world full of judgement. Will he break down to the pressures of a materialistic world, or will his strong heart prove that he is worthy of love? This children's Christian story will surely teach any young child a valuable lesson about the importance of love.

- Check out The Poor Snowman

Jolly Christmas Art

Winter Storybook is officially here! Use these festive Christmas trees and candy canes in your holiday projects to bring a little season's greetings and winter wonderland joy to those around you!

- Trees and Canes Digital Art

Adorable Winter Games

Cozy up with some hot chocolate and cookies this winter while you or your kiddos play these wholesome free games!

- Snowfits Words Google Play

- Snowbun Chase Amazon App Store

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