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  • Betta Aquarium Fish and More! Game/Art Project Assets

    This underwater asset pack will have your mind surfing with creativity! With 60 total assets, you can bring marine life to an all time high in your artistic endeavors :) This digital file is composed of a ZIP folder containing all of the images in easy to download PNG files.

    File contains:

    • 3 Different Types of Betta in Different Colors (9 Total)
    • 7 Substrates- Gravel, Marbles, Sand, Etc.
    • 12 Plants
    • 5 Foods
    • 5 Caves/Logs
    • Multiple Fish Toys and Various Other Tank Decorations/Necessities! 

      Assets in this ZIP file may be used in presentations, video game designs, misc. art projects for monetization purposes as long the artist/website is credited in the credits and sent a final copy of the project to review (just so I can see the wonderful things you come up with :). Failure to do so will result in copyright claims, despite purchasing the artwork.

      If you are not using these assets to make money, credit to the artist is greatly appreciated but not necessary!

      Give credits as such: Artist: Diamond Kelley,