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Hello everyone! I'm Diamond :)

Currently, I'm a junior in college majoring in English. You wouldn't believe how many times I've changed my major through college! But I feel as though writing, which has always been one of my greatest passions, give me inner peace so I'll pursue this route (even if my entire family wants me in med school!) 

I became a self published author and illustrator my first year of college and have been obsessed with writing and building my business ever since. My digital business, Heavenly Storybook, has had a thousand ups and downs that have left me discouraged and almost wanting to give up. But in reality, my business is like my baby and I won't stop nurturing it until I reach my goals. I hope to become a best selling author one day and to expand my adorable, peaceful community. :) My blogs will focus on Christian faith (the backbone and inspiration of everything I do in life), life tips, creativity, and my journey through authorship.

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